Global Experience: Chris Gasper Helps Judge the Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant

Chris Gasper attended Lynn Classical High School where he is an inductee in the school’s Hall of Fame.

Gasper graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Journalism in 2001 from Boston University. He has worked at The Boston Globe for more than 20 years and become one of the foremost sports columnists in the nation.

Chris Gasper is pictured at the 2022 Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant where he was one of the judge of the competition.

Gasper also co-hosts the “Gasper and Murray” show Saturdays on 98.5 the Sports Hub and appears regularly on the “Felger and Mazz” show and on Boston and national television shows. He was also a guest on the former ESPN “Sports Reporters” show.

Chris Gasper served as a judge at the Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant held March 26 and 27 at the Burlington Marriott.

The Lynn Journal interviewed Chris Gasper about the pageant and other topics. Following are his responses:

LJ: Was the Miss Massachusetts USA experience as a judge your first appearance as a judge in a pageant?

CG: Yes, it was my first time being a judge. Former Miss Massachusetts USA titleholder Julia Scaparotti of Peabody reached out to me saying they needed judges. I worked with her previously at 98.5 the Sports Hub.

I enjoyed the experience. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about the pageant world, and its message to today’s women. But getting to see it and experience it up close and to hear directly from so many of the contestants in their interviews with the judging panel how preparing and competing for pageants had helped them gain confidence in themselves or gain skills that benefitted them in their careers was really heartening. It was an impressive group of women, some of whom are attending schools like Harvard and MIT, dedicated to making an impact on our community and in society. I’m glad I got the chance to see that and experience it up close. 

LJ: Would you agree that the pageant was a very exciting and professionally done production, and that it was great to see such a fun and festive event being held after the cancellation of so many indoor activities during the pandemic?

CG: I didn’t know what to expect coming off the pandemic. There were a lot more people in attendance than I expected with large crowds lined up to get into the Burlington Marriott ballroom both days. I think it was great for the contestants to have the support of their friends and family and to get the proper stage and recognition for all of their preparation and hard work.  Some of the people involved with the pageant said that the crowd for the preliminaries on Saturday was larger than usual in past years. So, I think people were eager to gather and experience an event like this in person after limitations on such experiences the last two years. There was a pent-up desire for that type of experience. I thought Laurie and Anthony Clemente and The Clemente Organization did a fantastic job of putting on the pageant. It was extremely well-run. I felt like I was at one of those national or international pageants I’ve seen on TV over the years. It was just a first-class operation all weekend. 

LJ: For how many years have you worked at The Boston Globe?  

CG: Between my two stints at the Globe and counting my time in college as an editorial assistant in the sports department, I’ve worked there for more than 20 years. I started in college in 2000 as a Nighthawk (EA in sports) and worked for the Globe until April of 2020, when I left for WCVB-TV. I spent 18 months there as a full-time television sports reporter/anchor and returned to the Globe in early December. It’s great to be back and go back to my column and my journalism roots. 

LJ: How many NFL Super Bowls and Patriots’ appearances in the Super Bowl have you covered?

CG: I covered the Super Bowl this year in Los Angeles which was great since my brother lives there. That was my 11th Super Bowl overall. I’ve covered the Patriots in the Super Bowl six times (2007, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018). They are 3-3 in those appearances. 

LJ: Did you have an excellent overall educational experience at Lynn Classical that prepared you well for college?

CG: I did. I was in mostly AP classes in Classical, all except for Math. I had some wonderful teachers like Mary Jane Mulholland, Phil Terenzoni, Patricia Hourihan, Mr. Slater, and the late Judith Leccese, among many others, who really supported me and left an impact on me. I would not be who I am today or where I am today without my time at Lynn Classical.

LJ: Did you play Little League Baseball in Lynn?

CG: I did not. I knew at a young age baseball was not my sport. I did play a lot of youth basketball at the downtown Lynn YMCA where I made the All-Star team. 

LJ: What do you like about living in Boston/Jamaica Plain?

CG: I like the energy of the city and the proximity to so many cosmopolitan things that Boston has to offer. With my job, I’ve had a chance to travel across North America and to Europe and South America as well for work. I can truly say that Boston is a world-class city. I love JP because it’s in the city, but it has its own vibe as a neighborhood. It reminds me a lot of Lynn in that there is great diversity, both demographically and in terms of people’s interests and points of view. I feed off that type of energy. 

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