Thank You and Good Luck, Supt. Tutwiler

The departure this week of Lynn Superintendent of Schools Dr. Patrick Tutwiler will leave a void in our school system.

Dr. Tutwiler came to Lynn with superb credentials, having earned his undergraduate degree at Holy Cross, his Master’s from Harvard, and his Doctorate from Boston College.

He began his career as a history teacher in the Boston school system and through his dedication and hard work, was promoted to leadership positions, including in Lynn, where he served as deputy superintendent of schools in 2015 before being selected to take the top administrative position as superintendent in 2018.

These have been challenging times for urban school districts, especially these past two years during the pandemic. Dr. Tutwiler excelled in his job and set an outstanding example in the school system with his incredible work ethic.

He treated all with dignity and respect and was universally admired by parents who knew he was working diligently to ensure that each student would receive the best education possible.

As a former basketball player at Holy Cross, Dr. Tutwiler knew that athletic excellence opened up doors to scholarship opportunities and attending college.

He was a frequent spectator at athletic events and we remember fondly how Dr. Tutwiler sat courtside with his family at his beloved alma mater at Holy Cross in Worcester when Lynn English won the Division 1 boys’ state championship in 2019.

Lynn was fortunate to have had such an outstanding educator and administrator presiding over its school system. Lynn students are better off for Dr. Tutwiler’s presence here.

We know we join with all of our fellow residents in thanking Dr. Tutwiler for his service to our community and in wishing him well in his future endeavors.

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