Award-Winning UMass Grad Corey Stein Helps Promote Businesses Through Video

After graduating from Marblehead High School in 2015, Corey Stein earned the title “award-winning filmmaker” while majoring in Communications with a minor in Film Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Stein, 25, made films throughout his college career and performed video work for different organizations such as the SGA (Student Government Association) and the Film Studies Department while at UMass.

Stein produced three short films early on, and as a senior he struck cinematic gold when his 20-minute short film, Twenty Years To Say Hello, for his senior thesis won “Best in Competition” among all graduating students.

“The film was about a father and son reconnecting after 20 years,” said Corey. “It wasn’t autobiographical.”

Many people in Revere will in fact remember Corey’s father, Todd Stein, a 1980 Revere High School graduate with a charismatic personality, who spent a lot of his childhood enjoying sports and activities at the former Revere JCC on Nahant Avenue.

“My father always tells me how much he loves Revere,” said Stein. “I always said I wanted to do a documentary video one day on Revere Beach, but there is so much history there, it would be a lot of work.”

Operating His Own Filmmaking Company

Since graduating college, Stein has worked on a couple of made-in-Massachusetts films as Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween.

Stein, who is a filmmaker, cinematographer, and editor, now owns Corey Stein Films, which is based on the North Shore.

“We produce cinematic promotional-style videos for businesses,” explained Stein. “The videos are heavily scripted, heavily produced customized videos.”

There’s a lot of work that goes into each video. “We offer a pre-production stage where we go over the entire project, learn about the business owner, and get a sense of who they and what they need,” said Stein.

Other prospective services offered by Corey Stein Films are custom voice-over work, scriptwriting, and original music composition.

Stein has brought on board to his company two former UMass students who do the scriptwriting and the composing of music for the videos.

In a nod to modern technology, Stein also works with licensed drone operators when the videos require aerial scenes.

Stein said his company is meticulous in its production of each video.

“We take a heavy, cinematic, filmmaking approach, so there’s beautiful cinematography, beautifully timed sound designs, and in editing, we create this highly produced, custom video for people,” he said proudly.

His company has produced videos for all types of industries. “You name it. If you have a product or service – real estate, architecture, retail, restaurant – we can work with you,” boasts Stein. “The main places where the videos go are on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin – and on the company’s website. Some of our clients put their videos on display at their actual venue or in local television commercials.”

Stein said his company’s goal in each promotional video is “to gain exposure, sales, and revenue” for its clients.

“By putting out this marketing video and showcasing the business through amazing filmmaking, storytelling and narrative, we’re showing their business in the best, possible way,” said Stein. “We treat every project with a lot of care and quality.”

An Early Entrance Into the Art of Filmmaking

Stein took an elective in video production at Marblehead High School and began making short films.

“I’ve always been into movies, TV, and production,” said Stein, naming Steven Spielberg’s classic 1975 film, Jaws, as his favorite movie of all time. “I think it is the perfect movie in terms of filmmaking and execution in the way it tells its story either through sound or no dialogue or less dialogue. It’s a great movie to watch if you want to learn and get into filmmaking.”

 Perhaps those in Revere who have chronicled the history of the nation’s first public beach will call on Corey Stein for that much-anticipated documentary.

 Corey Stein would certainly cherish that assignment to tell the story through film of Revere Beach and the Bandstand where his father, Todd, spent many, happy summer days in his youth.

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