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Marquese Avery and Marvin Avery Jr. are emerging stars in their respective sports

The fall sports season and the bragging rights in the Avery family of Lynn belonged to Marquese Avery.

All Marquese did in his first season as a starting linebacker for St. John’s Prep was help lead the Eagles to the Division 1 state championship. St. John’s defeated No. 1-ranked Springfield Central, 13-0, in the Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium. Springfield had averaged 40 points a game leading up to the Super Bowl, but the Avery-led Eagles’ defense shut out the heavily favored Springfield contingent.

But Marquese’s younger brother, Marvin Avery Jr., is continuing the family’s success this winter as a starting freshman guard on the Lynn Classical basketball team that is coached by his father, the legendary Lynn hoop coach, Marvin Avery Sr.

Marvin Jr. is averaging well into double figures, most recently scoring 18 points and displaying his shooting, ballhandling, and passing skills in a 50-44 win over Lynn Tech Tuesday in the Walter Boverini Basketball Tournament.

We talked with Marvin Avery’s supremely talented sons in a joint interview this week:

Marquese Avery

Marquese was asked the question all high school football fans want to know: How was the St. John’s defense able to keep the high-flying, unstoppable Springfield offense off the scoreboard?

“Coach [Brian] St. Pierre prepared us very well for the game, and as long as everyone did their job and we practiced really hard, we felt we could accomplish what we did,” said Avery. “I believe we have the best defense in the state. We’re all proud that we were able to win the game. We beat a great Springfield team and were able to keep their quarterback (Nebraska-bound William Watson III) from doing the stuff that he had done all season.”

Marquese, a 6-feet, 2-inch, 200-pound junior, was named to the Catholic Conference All-Star Team. He is receiving correspondences from college programs. Boston College, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Harvard, UMass, URI, and UConn are the early contenders.

“I’m very excited about the future,” said Marquese. “I’ll be trying to get bigger, stronger, and faster for next season.”

Marquese said he couldn’t have reached the athletic and academic heights at this point in his career without the support and encouragement of his father, Marvin Avery Sr.

“My father has been around me my whole entire life and pushed me through everything,” credited Marquese. “He’s inspired me and been a positive influence. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. I also want to thank Coach St. Pierre for giving me the opportunity to play football at St. John’s. I’m so glad he’s my football coach.”

Marvin Avery Jr.

Marvin Jr., who stands 5-feet, 11 inches, started his freshman season for the varsity Rams with a 24-point performance, which may be an all-time Lynn city record. Even the great Classical star Pancho Bingham must be impressed by that debut. Marvin Jr. hasn’t missed a beat since.

Marvin Jr. certainly has the confidence in his game that can be a foundation-setter to greatness.

“I put in a lot of work in the summer,” said Marvin Jr. in evaluating his fast start. “I have a lot of my confidence in my skills.”

Marvin Jr. knows how accomplished a coach his father is. Marvin Avery Sr. took the Lynn Tech program to the very top, winning a state championship and launching the careers of Division 1 college players Antonio Anderson (Memphis), Corey Bingham (Toledo), and Tony Gallo (Towson State).

“It’s great to have my father as coach, because I’ve been around him my whole life, and it’s been easy to adapt to his coaching style,” said Marvin Jr.

Marvin Jr. is setting high goals for his basketball career. “I’d like to play college basketball and compete in Division 1, and maybe even go further than that,” said Marvin Jr. “I just have to work hard every day.”

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