Scholarship and Leadership: Lynn English senior class president Madison Donahue selected as recipient of prestigious O’Brien Scholarship

 Madison Donahue’s list of accomplishments is lengthy and impressive. But after listening to people extol her exceptional leadership and her diligence in the classroom, it’s easy to determine that she is destined for even greater achievements ahead.

Donahue, president of the Lynn English High School Class of 2023, has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious James W. O’Brien Scholarship, granting her a full, four-year scholarship to Merrimack College in North Andover.

“I’m very honored and excited to receive this scholarship,” said Madison. “I will be studying Nursing at Merrimack, and my career goal is to be a pediatric nurse.”

Thankful to her grandparents

 Madison is the granddaughter of Bill Donahue and Kathy Donahue, who is executive vice president of St. Jean’s Credit Union.

“My grandparents are such down-to-earth, great people,” said Madison. “They are absolutely my best friends. They’ve made a lot of sacrifices for me. I wouldn’t change anything. I’m super grateful to them.”

Madison also has the benefit of attending Lynn English with her twin brother, Timothy.

“My brother, Timothy, and I are very close. said Madison. “He’s a really good student. We have all our classes together.”

Madison also said she tries to be a good role model for her sister, Chloe, a sophomore.

Growing up in Lynn, Madison attended the Sisson School and Pickering Middle School. She played youth softball and took dance lessons at LeAnne Leslie’s School Dance in Lynn.

As a freshman, Madison made the decision to run for class president and was victorious. She has served four years as president, two alongside her brother, Timothy, who was vice president.

She has not limited her extracurricular activities to student government. Madison also participates in the Environmental Club, Friends of Rachel Club, and Best Buddies, and is a member of the school’s Quiz Bowl team.

A well-rounded education at English

Madison has maintained a high scholastic standing as one of the top-ranked students in the Class of 2023, having excelled in Advanced Placement (AP) classes while compiling a 4.48 grade point average.

“My best subject is English, which is strange, because I want to go into the STEM field and study Nursing,” said Madison. “My most influential teacher has been Ms. Jennifer Mageary, who was my English teacher for freshman and junior years. She really inspired me, and I’m so grateful to her for writing my college recommendations. We have a tremendous science department with really dedicated teachers. I also want to thank our class advisers, Elizabeth Jesus D’Amico and Peter Pappagianopoulos, and I really enjoy serving in student government with the other class officers and class executives. We’re a great team that has gotten a lot done during our four years together.”

Interestingly, Donahue owns a small business, [Cupcakes] Made By Maddie. “I started the business during COVID in 2021,” she related. “I make cupcakes because I got really into baking. Now, we’ll take cupcake orders from family and friends. My biggest order has been 100 cupcakes for a party.”

Madison has plenty of exciting class events ahead as she wraps up her senior year at English. Asked what she will say to her classmates, teachers, friends, and administrators in her presidential speech at graduation, Madison replied, “I’m working on that. But I know our graduation will be an awesome day, and I will always have great memories of being a student at Lynn English.”

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