Guzman elected to Essex National Heritage Commission

Community leader Michelle Guzman, founder and CEO of Lynn Walking Shoe Tours, has been elected to a three-year term on the Essex National Heritage Commission.

Guzman launched Lynn Walking Shoe tours in 2018. During her tours, Guzman visits  landmarks throughout the city while providing biographical information about Lynn’s historic residents notably abolitionist, writer, and statesman Frederick Douglass, religious leader and author Mary Baker Eddy, and inventor Lydia Pinkham.

“These Essex Heritage Commissioners serve as representatives of community organizations, educational institutions, and historic, cultural, and natural resources of the region. “Our local Commissioners represent a variety of institutions across the Heritage Area and serve an important role as ambassadors and advocates for this region,” said CEO, Annie C. Harris. “Essex Heritage is grateful for the support of these new Commissioners as partners in promoting the unique assets of Essex County.” 

The Essex National Heritage Commission (Essex Heritage) is a non-profit that manages and provides numerous programs preserving and enhancing Essex County’s historic, natural and cultural places.

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