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  1. Trixey
    October 27, 2011 at 8:05 am

    I came across  our ban the breed article about pitbulls  Shit like that just makes me laugh ( it use to get me mad but I run into people like this almost daily. I would be a very angry person). Just reading this shows the ignorance of people. They prove how uneducated they really are. The line ” pit bulls enjoy attacking people they don’t know” made me lol. That is the stupidest thing I ever read. That’s like saying birds enjoy shitting on your head. There will always be ignorant people in this world. There will always be racism and breedism. All we can do is educate as may as we can. Continue fighting the fight. Show facts not hysteria. If I am walking my girls and a person crosses the street when they see me. I don’t get mad. I ask them why they crossed, I then ask them if I could talk to them and I promise my girls wont hurt them. I tell them as much as they are willing to hear ( them a little more). Normally at end of conversation they are petting either jada or sky on head without even realizing they started to do it. They say something like ” omg I am petting a pit bull, they were sitting so nice and calm it just happened “. Ignorance is everywhere it’s our job to stop the spread

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