The Friends of Lynn/Nahant Beach honor Robert Tucker, Thank Commissioner Sullivan

The Friends of Lynn/Nahant Beach, whom have done so much to act as this city’s emissary to the Department of Conservation and Recreation, presented its President Robert Tucker, the well known former councilor, with a special award for meritorious service at last week’s special meeting at the Diamond District Inn.

The award was presented by Appeals Board member Jean Curley, an Ocean Street residents and friend of Tuckers.

Tucker has been a strong force for the organization.

He is one of the major reasons the organization has some clout and he is obviously one of the reasons the DCR Commissioner Rick Sullivan has paid so much attention to the beaches.

The attention paid has been noticeable and it is appreciated, as shown by the present given to Tucker and the loud applause given to Sullivan and his employees at the meeting last week.

Neighborhood people working together and led by a member of the community who cares is what local activism is all about.

This has never been clearer than in the case of the Friends of Lynn/Nahant Beach and the relationship formed with the DCR.

Thank you, Commissioner Sullivan.

Thank you, Robert Tucker.

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