A few last thoughts on Clancy versus Flanagan-Kennedy

It is very obvious that there is no love lost between Mayor Clancy and his opponent, Councilor at Large Judith Flanagan Kennedy.

At a number of debates recently held they have repeatedly made every effort to outdo one another in every way they can.

Flanagan-Kennedy, we believe, does not know they way but has a done a good job of sullying the mayor’s reputation.

The mayor, for his part, is no shrinking violet.

He has made a strong effort to reveal the obvious weaknesses of his opponent.

What comes across is not so much the battle between these two as the fact the city stands at a crossroads.

Voters will entrust Clancy to do the right thing for the next four years or it will choose Flanagan-Kennedy to implement her illusory program of change.

There are times to pick change over what you know and what you have come to expect.

But you never pick change over what you know when those offering change are largely incapable of it.

Like it or not, this is the choice on Tuesday.

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