It is official – Flanagan Kennedy mayor

It is official.

Lynn’s Mayor elect is Judith Flanagan-Kennedy.

The mayor-elect came out the big winner following Wednesday’s recount.

What had been a 27 vote victory turned into a 45 vote victory.

After the recount ended Wednesday evening, Flanagan-Kennedy said she was going to bring the city together and Mayor Edward Chip Clancy said he’d help her out during the transition.

Clancy shook hands and congratulated the new mayor, and on its face, the recount went smoothly as expected.

The remaining question at city hall and in political circles throughout the city is what shape and form is Flanagan-Kennedy’s new administration going to take?

Who will stay and who will go?

Who becomes the big cheese at city hall by the mayor’s side?

Who will be the understudy of the mayor who moves city business along?

All of this remained a question as Flanagan-Kennedy has not revealed whom she is going to keep and whom she is going to remove.

Neither has she clearly stated publicly who her choices for city hall positions are going to be.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is helping to place a damper on this type of news and it is certain Flanagan Kennedy will use the breather to get some rest and to begin contemplating the moves she is going to make.

Her stunning victory remains just that – stunning.

And Clancy’s stunning loss remains just that, stunning.

The mayor has been circumspect about the weeks to come and the future.

He is not certain exactly what he is going to do, except to keep running – not necessarily for public office, but rather, in the road races he tends to do so well in.

Flanagan-Kennedy’s public statement about attempting to bring together the divided electorate came as soothing talk to many voters here who staunchly supported Clancy.

Her statement that she would rely on City Council President Tim Phelan gave indications that she will look to the city council for some leadership and advice.

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