Saturday’s warmth

Last Saturday’s warmth, with the temperature rising into the low 70’s, set off one of the most enjoyable early spring days we can recall.

We were in our gardens and backyards. We were down the beach. We used the grill for the first time since winter began.

By Sunday, the warm streak that lasted a few days went bust.

Sunday’s breeze off the water chilled the neighborhoods, although the sun was warm if you sat in it for a few minutes.

By Monday, we were ready to turn on our heaters, again.

And then the rain returned.

Spring will remain on and off for the next few weeks, and even into April.

We’d rather the warmth remain undisturbed from today until June and then for it to blossom into a long hot summer – but it won’t.

The weekend warmth was a tease. It wasn’t the coming of spring.

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