Suing the city for bullying

We do not for a moment believe that the family suing the city for $35 million claiming their son was bullied at Brickett School is doing so on merit.

We believe the family is hurt that its child was hurt in an unfortunate accident at the school but that their charges as investigated by the police and the school department proves beyond any doubt that the city is not liable in this instance.

It is one thing to assert that outrageous bullying was ongoing all the time against this child at the school.

Our understanding of how the Brickett School is managed and run would make such an assertion highly dubious – as the school is run well, with much attention paid to detail and with a principal who is arguably one of the best in this system.

We trust that City Solicitor Mike Barry will work hard and smart to have this suit dismissed without a finding or simply summarily dismissed.

Some cases deserve full scrutiny and investigation.

Others fail on merit.

We believe this is such a case.

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