Lynnway odor mitigation on the way following meeting

A Friday morning meeting in room 402 at city hall between city officials led by City Council President Tim Phelan and Councillor Peter Capano may have done the trick in persuading Garelick Frams officials to take bold action to eliminate nuisance odors that are tampering with Lynn’s air quality.

Garelick officials were given the option by Phelan, Capano and the Board of Health of ridding the area of the persistent and pervasive sickening odor or receiving a cease and desist notice – which would close the plant down.

“I believe we have made major progress in eliminating the odor coming from the plant,” said Phelan and Capano following the meeting.

Phelan said that Garelick officials have begun rerouting some of their waste directly into the city’s sewage treatment plant, which should change the dynamic when it comes to odors emanating from their waste products.

Both Phelan and Capano said the odor problem had gone on for too long and that now was the time to act or else.

Company officials agreed.

The Lynn Health Department will be monitoring the situation. Health department officials said that they had been in touch with the state Department of Environmental Affairs and that that department would also be monitoring the situation.

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