The Lynnway odor problem Almost dissipates overnight

Due to the concerted efforts of Council President Tim Phelan, Councillor Peter Capano, and the local Board of Health, Garelick Farms has made changes in its waste disposal protocol rather than face the cease and desist order the city said it was going to issue unless firm action was taken immediately.

This comes as good news to Lynnway businessmen and residents of Capano’s neighborhood as well as to those of us who call this place our home.

Garelick Farms officials admitted they had lost control of handling waste at their Lynnway production plant at a tense meeting held in city hall.

We congratulate the Garelick Farms officials for their rapid response to a problem that has existed for weeks during the intense heat and which is persistent even in the temperate months and during the winter.

Through Phelan, Capano and the Board of Health, the city showed its teeth and the Garelick Farms people complied.

We would prefer that such tense and angry meetings did not have to be held to force local businesses to comply with Federal and State environmental laws.

Just the same, Lynn is better because of the firmness that was shown after weeks of a powerful stench ruining the quality of life, and business, along the length of the Lynnway.

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