Lynn against charter schools

Someone should read the riot act to educators and administrators in this city who find the moral and intellectual ability to stand against excellence by denouncing and undermining the efforts to have a charter school or two in this city.

It is frankly an embarrassment that so many in this school system in positions of power to foster change stand against it.

It is almost criminal when you realize how demoralizing and dangerous a public school education can be for those who believe that this is all Lynn can offer.

For families who care about their childrens’ education and who care about their childrens’ safety and social world, nothing could be more important to this city’s future than to have a great charter school alongside the Kipp School.

Again, we cannot comprehend educators and administrators, and the school teachers’ union, standing against excellence by undermining and acting against chrter school leaders trying to be approved for a school in this city.

In World War II German leaders used to stand around at a book burning congratulating those burning the books.

Here, our superintendent, the mayor, and even our representatives on Beacon Hill do nothing to change the course of history here.

Instead of imploring state officials to grant a new charter for a charter school, they work against it, making themselves just like the people who cheered and looked on when the Germans were burning books.

Something needs to give in this city.

Standing against change is incomprehensible.

Standing against excellence is a crime.

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