Huge Snowstorm Covers the City

The war memorial statue at the foot of the Lynn Common comes alive with unusual beauty and strength after the heavy snow on Sunday.

An old fashioned Nor’Easter slammed New England Sunday night,coveringLynn with a deep snow cover, huge wind driven drifts, and a spectacle along the water during the high tides Sunday and especially Monday.

Drifts went as high as four or five feet. Snowfall amounted to about two feet throughout the city.

The city was turned into a literal winter wonderland by the wind driven snow.

City organized plowing, with dozens upon dozens of trucks applying salt and plowing snow from the roads, kept main thoroughfares open and even maintained the integrity of most of the city’s side streets throughout all the neighborhoods.

City officials estimated the cost of snow removal at $150,000.

Snow removal was in full swing Monday and was expected to continue into Tuesday.

Lynn Police reported no major incidents during the snowstorm and in it aftermath – neither did the Lynn Fire Department.

Monday’s snow drubbing, however, closed the city’s banks and most of its retailing outlets except for supermarkets, which did a brisk business in the aftermath of the Christmas Holiday weekend.

Schools are closed due to the winter break.

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