Woman of the Year

Dr. Catherine Latham

We haven’t always agreed with Dr. Latham but we have never questioned her sincerity or thought for one moment that everything she does is an effort at improving the Lynn Public School System.

In many, many respects, Dr. Latham is an urban warrior, fighting the good fight at a time when Lynn’s public schools are greatly challenged by outside forces and situations over which it has very little control.

Dr. Latham is the first woman to hold the superintendent’s position in this city’s history.

So at first blush, that’s saying something right there.

Second, she’s the highest paid city official running a sprawling department with more than 1000 employees and operating a yearly budget in excess of $100 million.

Dr. Latham holds arguably the most challenging position in the city of Lynn.

Managing the Lynn School System is not a walk in the park.

There are many competing constituencies – and everyone’s needs must be met.

Many of the school buildings are old and in need of replacement.

Many teachers have outlived their usefulness as teachers and need to be asked to leave and to be replaced.

Many of the new teachers coming in and the younger teachers who have been at it a while, need her support and understanding – and by all accounts – they have that.

We congratulate Dr. Latham for doing a good job with the cards stacked against her.

We congratulate her on being named the Lynn Journal’s Woman of the Year.

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