Long-time Political Printing Business Shuts its Doors

A regional political landmark business on Beach Street in Revere closed last week after decades and decades of serving politicians in Lynn and the surrounding area.

Art-Tone Studios, a screen printing shop that has been open for 50 years, has been printing political bumper stickers and other campaign literature for generations, and the businesses’ office has been as much a museum of local politics as it has been a thriving business.

In Lynn, the shop has produced signs and stickers for former Mayor Chip Clancy and current Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, among many others.

Many have grown accustomed to seeing the bright bumper stickers from current and past politicians prominently displayed on the windows of the business, as well as the reliability and quick service that went with it.

Owner Lenny Morabito told the Journal that due to an illness in his family and a tough economy, he would be closing up for good on Jan. 21. The business has been sold, he said, but the location will not be used any longer for printing.

The business has been sold to Northrup Printing, also of Revere.

“It’s kind of a landmark situation,” he said. “We’ve been there forever and have done work for just about everyone. It’s almost like Kelly’s Roast Beef closing or something.”

His former long-time partner, Leo St. Pierre, said it was the kind of business that isn’t around much anymore.

“It’s a little small printing shop,” he said. “It’s a ma and pa, antique looking shop. It’s creaky and there was a lot of old printing equipment. It’s just not the kind of thing that exists much anymore.”

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