City Suing Salem over Large Lowe’s

The Lynn City Council rose up in mightiness and sent a message to the city of Salem last week.

In so many words, the council delivered this message to the city of Salem and its Planning Board: “Don’t tread on the city of Lynn.”

By a 9-0 vote, the city council authorized a lawsuit against the city of Salem and the Planning Board for approving a shopping development on Highland Avenue. That sprawling development will be a game changer for everyone living on the Salem/Lynn line.

“There is a great deal of unity among the councilors on this issue,” said Council President Tim Phelan.

“We are all prepared to take this as far as we can until we reach an agreement everyone can live with,” he added.

Most homeowners on the Lynn side of the border believe the development as planned will create dramatic amounts of increased traffic and more flooding issues in this hilly area where water runoff is already a big problem.

The motion was presented by Councillor William Trahant, Jr.

The proposed development includes a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. It also includes the expansion of an existing Walmart store.

The development will put an additional $250,000 annually into the Salem city treasury.

It is expected, as well, to create as many as 125 jobs.

Lynn city hall officials are said to be considering joining the lawsuit.

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