Garelick Farms Lives Up to Promise

Nothing is flawless or perfect but the new anti-pollution odor mitigation system installed by Garelick Farms at its Lynnway milk producing operation has vastly reduced the odors that used to eminate from the plant.

The Lynnway has been almost entirely without any foul odor of any kind for the bulk of the present summer, which is a vast improvement over the difficulties the city faced last summer when Garelick’s odor mitigation apparatus proved to be unfit for the scale of the business they operate.

Bottom line – Garelick has kept its promise almost to the letter about eliminating the foul odor that permeated nearly the length of the Lynnway all last summer when its production residue baked under the sun and putrified out in the open on days.

We applaud Garelick for doing the right thing.

It took some time but they’ve come into the fold as a decent neighbor as well as being a large employer and taxpayer.

Thank you Garelick Farms.

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