Lawyer for Lynn Cam Decries Critical Coverage

Mayor Judith Flanagan-Kennedy has been harshly criticized for failing to appoint a replacement for former Lynn Cam board of director James Chalmers. Chalmers was serving a 3 year mayoral appointment when he was dismissed by the Lynn Cam board of directors by a majority vote recently.

According to Lynn Cam Attorney Emmanuel Papanickolas, Chalmers deserved to be taken off the board.

Controversy has been swirling around Chalmers, the owner of the popular Walnut Street Café and his father Michael, the president of Greater Lynn since Lynn Cam moved from its modern downtown location to a Woodman Street location which has turned out to be a “sick” building.

“It is profoundly sad that the mayor of Lynn has sided with such a character as James Chalmers,” Papanickolas wrote. “She was told that his replacement should be made by her as soon as possible.”

Papanickolas  said the Chalmers, especially James, were in conflict of interest during the search for another rental space – which ended up being the Chalmers owned property on Woodman Street.

“When Lynn Cam was located in downtown Lynn the need arose to relocate. James Chalmers, as a member of Lynn Cam became very active in the relocation process. He unscrupulously and deviously guided Lynn Cam’s board of directors to enter into a lease agreement with Greater Lynn for the 104 Woodman Street premises failing to reveal to the Lynn Cam board his conflict of interest and his relationship with Greater Lynn,” Papanickolas wrote.

“Chalmers was able to obtain legal services of his personal attorney John Mihos to prepare the one sided lease. Unbeknownst  to the Lynn Cam board of directors, Mihos was also representing Greater Lynn. The Lynn Cam board to their surprise and regret discovered that James Chalmers was not acting in the best interest of Lynn Cam but in the best interest of himself and his father, who was running Greater Lynn,” he added.

Greater Lynn’s address is 72 Kesslar Avenue, the home address of James Chalmer, Jr. and the mailing address of Michael Chalmers, President of Greater Lynn.

The new Lynn Cam location, it turns out, is a sick building, according to officials of mold contractors called Axiom.

A fifteen page report details the mold issues in the building which has forced Lynn Cam to basically evacuate the space.

At present, no Lynn Cam employees can remain in the building for anything other than a very short period of time or risk illness.

Papnickolas wrote that the entire affair is highly suspect with the lease and the monthly payment of rent to the Chalmer’s family is more important to them than the mold contamination problem.

For their part, the Çhalmers have tended to dismiss the allegation of mold contamination problems with one of the Chalmers complaining that the mold issue was simply brought up to break the lease.

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