Murray Promoted to Deputy Chief of Lynn Fire Department

Lynn Fire Chief Dennis Carmody congratulates Bill murray on his pro¬motion to the position of deputy chief of the Lynn Fire Department. Please see page 7 for more photos.

Bill Murray was installed as the new deputy chief of the Lynn Fire Department during an impressive ceremony Aug. 30 in Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy’s office at Lynn City Hall.

City Clerk Mary Audley administered the oath of office to Murray before a gathering of  family members, and friends.

Kennedy made the appointment of Murray to the position. Murray recorded the highest score (91) on the deputy fire chief and district chief’s exam in March. He succeeds James McDonald, who had been serving in the position on an interim basis for the past 19 months.

Fire Chief Dennis Carmody, who began his service in the department with Murray 28 years ago, congratulated his longtime colleague after the ceremony.

“Bill is definitely a qualified candidate,” said Carmody. “He has been a very competent officer for several years and has done a good job for us in the past and we anticipate he’s going to do a great job as our deputy.  I feel the city will be well served.”

The 51-year-old Murray is a product of Lynn schools. He attended the Cobbet School for his elementary and junior high years and is graduate of Lynn Vocational Technical Institute. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science and Administration from Salem State University.

Murray is the son of the late William Murray Sr., who served in the Lynn Fire Department for 32 years, retiring as a lieutenant before his passing in 2005.

“My father would be proud – I wish he were around to see it,” said Murray, who served in the department with his father. “Hopefully he’s looking down and he’s very proud of me. I wholeheartedly thank the Mayor for the opportunity to serve. I’m very humbled by this promotion. ”

Murray started his firefighting career at the age of 24. He was promoted to the ranks of lieutenant and captain prior to becoming deputy chief.

Murray’s son Justin, 26, was recently appointed to department and will begin twelve weeks of training on October 3 at the firefighting academy.

“I know my father has been in the department for 28 years and he has worked very hard and definitely deserves this promotion,” said Justin, who served in the United States Coast Guard. “I’m very proud of the family.”

Bill Murray thanked his wife Cherylee for her support throughout his career.

“When you take as many exams I’ve had to take – to rise through the ranks, if you don’t have a supportive wife, you wouldn’t get through it,” said Murray. “It’s a lot of sacrifice and you have devote a lot of time and you need a supportive wife and family.”

Kennedy said she was pleased to make the appointment.

“I’m really pleased that with this promotion we finally have permanent officers in the chief and deputy chief’s position,” said Kennedy. “We have solidified the management at the top of the fire department and that’s great for the city. I’m sure Deputy Chief Murray is going to do a fine job.”

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