Lynn Showing Its Multicultural Strength

The Primary Election last week proved a number of things about politics in this sprawling city.

First, the outcome proved that it does not matter if you are black or white or Cambodian – you can find voters enough to qualify to run for the city council at large position.

This is, obviously and especially true of Buzzy Barton, an African American man who topped the ticket and Hong Net, a Cambodian man who placed fifth.

We don’t believe they were elected because of their color or heritage, rather, they were elected because people here have become, over the years, blind to color and heritage as well as race and creed.

They were chosen because of who they are and what they stand for.

This all speaks well for the Lynn voting population.

Lynn has become an inclusive community.

Inclusivity is what modern life is all about.

We congratulate everyone who survived the primary last week.

Our best wishes to everyone who now move on to the final in November – and we give a special congratulations to Barton and Heng.

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