David Solimine

There are a very few men of the stature of David Solimine in this city today.

He has stature because he is a great guy who tends to do the right thing and who always has something positive to contribute about the great and minor issues of the day in this city where he has spent his life.

Mr. Solimine, whose son David stands by his side in business and as a faithful and loving son, are celebrating this year their 46th anniversary of being in business in Lynn.

Again, this is saying something mighty considering how greatly things tend to change in the modern world.

Now Mr. Solimine’s grandson Joel, the third generation of the family, is joining in the family business and assuring its future in this city. He has been working in the family business since 2009.

And let’s not forget that behind every great man is a great woman and so we compliment Mary Jane Solimine, David’s wife.

The Solimine family’s main business is the funeral home which carries the family name – and there are other substantial business interests which the Solimines preside over.

However, David Solimine’s legacy will be more than the business. His legacy is about charity and giving, philanthropy and caring, aiding veterans and boy scouts, women and men of all races and colors and creeds.

We congratulate the Solimiines, and especially, David, for his success and for his charitable, caring nature.

Lynn is lucky to have such a man.

Our best to Mr. Solimine.

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