Looking at Politics: In the Wards

Lynn’s two ward races produced no surprises.

In Ward 1, Wayne Lozzi demolished the ambitions of his opponent Bob Walsh.

Lozzi scored 1871 votes to Walsh’s 1181.

Over the years, Lozzi has been a hard working, popular ward councilor.

Walsh was unable to match Lozzi’s organization and coterie of close friends throughout the sprawling ward.

The Ward 4 race featured once again longtime Ward Councillor Richard Colucci versus Ceferino Rosa.

Rosa made a good effort in the primary, almost catching Colucci, losing only by 30 votes.

That awakened Colucci and Colucci’s entire base which came out en masse Election Day.

The final in this race was Colucci, 541 compared with Rosa’s 310.

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