Man of the Year: Council President Tim Phelan

Council president Tim Phelan

Council President Tim Phelan once again gets our nod as Lynn’s Man of the Year.

His tremendous comeback to top the ticket in the election finale after finishing third in the primary shows his desire to reach the top nearly every time for the past decade has not lessened – rather – it has increased.

Phelan’s popularity is near to a high throughout the city and if all things are equal, this past election ticket topping finish now places him squarely as the sitting mayor’s chief contender for her position the next time around.

There are others who want to be the mayor of this city, chiefly Rep. Steve Walsh, who vied with Phelan for this year’s award.

However it was Phelan who dominated local politics in 2011 in the absence of a strong mayor.

We congratulate Phelan for being everywhere all the time and for always being in front of the news cycle when issues are popping up in Lynn.

He is our Man of the Year for 2011.

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