Woman of the Year: Mayor Judith Flanagan-kennedy

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy

Our Woman of the Year is Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy.

It is not an easy task managing the day to day affairs of this city at any time. However, we believe the mayor has done a decent job of shepherding the city during a time when the city seems to be chugging along without serious disasters or skyrocketing taxes.

The mayor, above all, is an honest woman who does her best to fulfill her role in a position she clearly enjoys.

If she is running again, and she appears to be sending signals that this is exactly what she will do, then it is likely she will butt heads with our Man of the Year Tim Phelan the next time around.

We have not always agreed with the mayor or with her get along style but she has comported herself as the mayor sufficiently to keep the ship of state here afloat.

We congratulate her on being named our Woman of the Year for 2011.

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