According to police and the heads of the local Parks Department, vandals are attempting to rip-off whatever they can from the city’s parks.

What does this include?

In one case it was reported that thieves apparently tried to steal an eighty foot light pole from Frey Park.

Other parks throughout the city have lost equipment, steel covers, and brass markers.

This is going on in nearly every city and town because the price for precious metals has gone through the roof.

In neighboring Revere, about 80 manhole covers disappeared recently before police caught the culprit.

A man-hole cover will fetch about $40 at a scrap metal yard.

In Chelsea, thieves have ripped off and taken away bronze plaques commemorating the city’s parks and those who aided in building them.

There isn’t much a municipality can do short of contacting all local junk dealers when thefts like that have been recorded.

As for Lynn’s Park’s being vandalized – to stop that takes more police vigilance, that and residents looking out their windows and calling the police when they see vandals trying to take down an 80 foot high light pole.

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