Learning from Revere’s Sand Sculpture Festival

Hundreds of thousands of people descended upon Revere Beach for the annual sand sculpture competition last weekend.

During Saturday evening’s fireworks display, the crowd watching was estimated to be perhaps the largest crowd at Revere Beach since the 1940’s – a crowd which stretched from the start of the beach nearly up to Kelly’s and along the length of the beach as well.

What Lynn officials can learn from the Revere experience is that Lynn can be made a destination as Revere has become one for the sand sculpting contest.

What Lynn needs to do is to get a group of creative public official, businesspeople and residents together, much as it was done in Revere, and come up with a plan that would create the type of environment here that might be ripe for an annual growth spurt which would draw hundreds of thousands to our city.

The Revere event featured sculptures, food, music and some retailing.

What Revere doesn’t even yet know is just how successful an event has been created.

How to harness its energy, how to grow it, and how to make it profitable is all that remains and then the sand sculpture contest will become something of national importance – and a big advantage for Revere as it would be for something else in Lynn.

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