Famous Food Family : Bianco’s Italian Sub and Grill Opens on Lynnway

Vincent Bianco, left, owner of Bianco’s Italian Sub and Grill, and friend Jared Bucci are pictured inside the new restaurant at 425 Lynnway.

A new sub shop and restaurant with a well-known name in the food industry is set to open today on the Lynnway.

Bianco’s Italian Sub and Grill, owned by 24-year-old Vincent Bianco whose family has operated Bianco and Sons Meats in Revere, has made its home at 425 Lynnway, situated across from the Connery Rink.

Submarine sandwiches, including the famous Bianco’s sausage sub, salads, and pasta dinners will highlight the menu. The restaurant will also do catering for all events.

“We want to do a soft opening, get everybody adjusted to our new business and then hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony next month,” said Bianco. “We’ve hired some employees but we’re still looking for people who have an interest in the culinary field.”

Bianco said his restaurant will extend beyond the “sub shop” label. “This is going to be a place that has a lot of character and feel to it. I envision the restaurant eventually having sit-down service.”

He said Bianco’s will feature a basic Italian sub (“completely loaded with all the good stuff”), a Thanksgiving gobbler sub with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy) and the Rocky Balboa steak and cheese.

Bianco grew up in Revere and graduated from Malden Catholic High School. He attended Marian Court College and Salem State before enrolling in the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. He credits his culinary background to his mother and father.

“In my mother’s [Janice DeLuca] home, that’s where I got all my culinary home cooking training and my passion for cooking,” said Bianco. “She trained me as a home cook to learn all the little steps. And being Italian, food was always like the center of everything.”

Joe Bianco helped his son further develop his cooking talents and encouraged him to consider a career in the restaurant industry.

“My father started Bianco and Sons Meats and as a kid I worked for him and would do deliveries to restaurants and he helped me to learn to start cooking with wine and with different flavors,” said Bianco.

Vincent’s brother, Joe Jr., now oversees the meat company in Revere. His sister, Michelle Bianco, owns and operates Skin for All Seasons, a salon and day spa located in Revere.

Bianco said other than his parents, a great influence in his life was Steve Martorano, a restaurant owner and well-known chef who is from Florida.

“Steve always told me to be passionate about cooking and he was my main influence as a kid,” said Bianco.

Locally Bianco credits Gregg Brackman, owner of the G Bar in Swampscott, and Matt O’Neill, owner of the Blue Ox in Lynn, as two superb influences in his own life.

“A year ago Gregg gave me my first experience of working in a kitchen live on the line in a restaurant,” said Brackman. “Matt has been nothing but a big help and a great teacher and provider of some outstanding recipes. I look up to these two guys and Steve as well.”

Interestingly Bianco dropped out of culinary arts school in his final semester. “I didn’t do that well in the academic courses but I had the highest grades in the culinary courses,” said Bianco. “So I decided that cooking was my passion and took the tuition money and traveled to Italy. When I returned from Italy, I said I was going to search for a place for a restaurant.”

Today Vincent Bianco’s dream to open his own restaurant comes true.

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