Tierney Versus Tisei Down to the Wire

A trip around this city reveals the intensity of the fight between Congressman John Tierney and his republican opponent Richard Tisei.

There are signs everywhere throughout this city.

Although signs don’t vote, it is apparent Tisei has put out more signs and better signs than Tierney.

A ride to Topsfield Saturday afternoon found that town absolutely loaded with Tisei signs, and Ipswich, too.

Signs don’t vote, but again, signs tell a story in and of themselves about who is out doing more.

The general appearance is that Tisei wants the seat more than Tierney, who definitely wants the seat.

The campaign has become a microcosm of what is happening in the presidential race, with voters split almost evenly down the middle.

Undecideds at this point are too hard to think about. Anyone undecided right now just can’t make a rational decision.

Tisei, it appears, is marginally ahead in this battle.

Tierney’s personal trials and tribulations have exploded his image; destroyed it, really.

He has been on the defensive since Tisei took him on.

That being said, can he pull it out? Can he survive all the bad publicity and the reversal of his otherwise good fortunes as a politician?

Of course he can – and he might – but it isn’t as likely as Tisei coming up the winner on Election Day.

Everything is about perception and the perception out there is that Tisei has the edge over Tierney.

This is not exactly scientific.

Tierney corralled all his Democratic colleagues last week for a love fest and a series of photographs. This included congressmen, the Massachusetts attorney general and many others.

But those folks don’t vote in this district.

Tierney faces a tough one in two weeks.

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