Beaupre on a Roll in City Bowling League

Keith Beaupre, top bowler in the Lynn City League, displays his form at Jim Barber’s Lucky Strikes Lanes Saturday.

Keith Beaupre, top bowler in the Lynn City League, displays his form at Jim Barber’s Lucky Strikes Lanes Saturday.

Keith Beaupre is pursuing the triple crown in the Lynn City Bowling League.

Beaupre, 21-year-old alumnus of Lynn Classical where he played one season of football, is leading the league in average (122), triple (435), and single (177) halfway through the season. His Green Tea team is also in first place in the league standings.

Beaupre won the high average title last year with 119, edging out T.J. DePietro by 15 pins total in the last week of the season.

In addition to competing in the City League, Beaupre, a fire-balling righthander, is a member of the Lucky Strike Lanes II team in the Friday Night Pro League. He is averaging 120 in that league where he bowls against such top-notch Lynn professionals as Shawn Baker, Mike Morgan, Joe Tavernese, and Dave Barber.

Beaupre used to go bowling with his father [Daniel Beaupre] when he was a young boy.

“I started bowling at [Jim Barber’s] Lucky Strike Lanes when I was five,” recalled Beaupre, who works at Market Basket in Salem.

Beaupre said he enjoys bowling in the Lynn City League, an organization that was started several years before he was born.

“It’s fun when you bowl in the City League,” said Beaupre. “You’re bowling with friends and you enjoy the time you’re bowling.”

Beaupre’s sister, Ariana, 19, also bowls in the City League. Their mother, Lori, averages 105 in another weekly bowling league.

Ariana said her brother has always been a very good bowler.

“Keith’s a great bowler,” said Ariana, who has a 96 average. “I’m not surprised he’s become really good at it. Our father used to take us bowling. A couple of years after we started, Keith was getting scores than our father. I’m very proud of my brother.”

Joe Cennami, a perennial contender for the league’s top spot, and T.J. DePietro, whom Beaupre edged for the high average title last year are currently second and third in the individual standings.

Cennami, who celebrated his 51st birthday Saturday, said Beaupre is a very accurate bowler who throws the ball hard. “He’s a young guy with a strong arm. It’s good to have new blood in the league. We also have T.J. who’s really awesome. Keith is going to be tough to beat not only in average but in the team standings.”

DePietro, 27, also bowls in the Pro League with Beaupre and is currently averaging 118 in the City League.

“Keith has me by about four points [for the high average title],” said DePietro, who has a 460 triple in his career. “It will be a feat to catch Keith but it can be done. He’s a formidable opponent.”

Beaupre has candlepin royalty in the family. He is a second cousin to Shawn Baker, arguably the No. 1 bowler in the world with a 131 average in the Pro League.

Can Beaupre challenge his famous cousin one day?

“I plan to be as good as he is one day,” said Beaupre. “I’m getting up there now. In the last two years my average has gone from 116 to 122.”


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