A Great Reception for Senator Tom McGee

The people who attended the Lynn Democratic Breakfast Sunday at the Porthole Restaurant had to be impressed with the tremendous reception that was accorded to our State Senator, Tom McGee, at the breakfast.

To hear speakers such as Attorney General Martha Coakley and State Treasurer Steve Grossman – who are both running for Governor – and Congressman John Tierney so warmly congratulate Tom on his election as chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party attests to  Tom’s status as a powerful and effective leader in the State Senate and the confidence they have in him as the new leader of the Democratic Party in the Bay State.

We can only imagine how proud Tom’s father, the former Speaker of the House, the late Tom McGee, would be of his son’s election to such an esteemed position.

Congratulations, Senator McGee, on your election as chairman and for all you have accomplished in your representation of our city’s residents in the Mass. State Senate.

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