Somerville Eatery Looking to Expand into Lynn: R.F. O’Sullivan’s Burger Grill and Pub Bids on Former Kevin’s Corner Property

Richard “Frank” Sullivan, owner of R.F. O’Sullivan & Son’s Burger Grill and Pub in Somerville, was the only bidder to make an offer to the city of Lynn to purchase the former Kevin’s Corner pub on Central Avenue in Lynn’s downtown.

The Swampscott resident and 23-year owner and proprietor of the popular Somerville burger joint said after the bid opening that he is hoping to do “the exact same thing” that he has been doing so successfully in Somerville for the past 23 years.

“I’ve been there for 23 years, getting people from all over the country to come in and try the best burgers in the world and now I want people to come to Lynn and say they have had the best burger ever in Lynn too.”

According to Lynn City Councilor Richard Collucci, who chairs the Council’s Public Property and Parks Committee, Sullivan was the only bidder for the city owned building, which is need of repairs. Collucci also said that Sullivan’s bid exceeded the minimum bid of $110,000, which was required by the Request for Proposals. Sullivan’s bid for the property was $119,000.

The purchase and Sullivan’s bid were sent to the Council’s Review Committee and the city legal department, to ensure that all of the documents are in order.

“It’s probably 99-percent that he’ll get the property,” said Collucci following the Public Property and Parks Committee meeting.

Sullivan said he is hoping to have a quick turn-around once he buys the property and is planning a speedy renovation of the building to coincide with the permitting process, so that he can be open by the end of August.

“This restaurant will simply be called R.F. O’Sullivans, that’s really how people refer to my restaurant in Somerville anyway,” said Sullivan. “My children are involved in the business, my daughter who just graduated from Merrimack will become the manager of the Somerville Restaurant and I will be in Lynn on a daily basis building this restaurant up just the way I did for 23 years in Somerville. My son, who is finishing up college, will be working with me here as well.”

Sullivan said the decision to buy the building and expand his burger business to Lynn was an easy one, because he sees a bright future in Lynn.

“I live nearby on the North Shore and Lynn is happening, I see it, just the way I saw it in Somerville 23 years ago,” said Sullivan. “I can feel it.”

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