Congratulations to Newly Elected State Representative Brendan Crighton

Congratulations to Lynn Councilor-at-Large Brendan Crighton on his election as state representative in the district that encompasses West Lynn and the town of Nahant.

Crighton truly earned this victory as he defeated  School Committee member Charlie Gallo, known as a tenacious campaigner who spoke proudly of his outstanding record in office. Aikaterini Koudanis also ran a solid campaign and was knowledgeable about the issues.

Crighton worked very hard in his well-organized campaign that was under the direction of Meghan Hamill. Lynn residents were quite familiar with Crighton’s excellent work as an aide and current chief of staff to State Sen. Thomas McGee.

Crighton also built a reputation as innovative and energetic city councilor in his four-and-half years of representation in his ward and throughout the city. We’re pleased that Crighton will complete his term on the City Council as he wants to fulfill the commitment that he made to voters during his campaign for councilor-at-large last year.

As was one of the messages and strong points of his campaign, Crighton will be able to serve his constituents at full speed from Day 1 in office and carry on the fine tradition of this seat set forth by former state representative Steve Walsh, who was among those congratulating Crighton at his Election Night victory party.

One of the stars of the Crighton campaign, Meghan Hamill, could find herself in demand as a manager of future political campaigns. Much in the manner of Mary Chalmers Fountain in Mayor Judith Kennedy Flanagan’s victorious campaign last November – with an enthusiastic team of supporters and a dynamic candidate out in front, Hamill was able to direct this campaign to a decisive victory.

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