LaPierre Set to Announce Candidacy

Brian LaPierre is hosting a get out the vote rally to encourage Lynn voters to get to the polls on Tues. November 4 and vote. “We want to raise awareness and have the spotlight and focus on November 4, many Lynn residents tend to skip the off year elections and they are equally important to voting in a Presidential election.” “It is my hope that people come out to this event, rally, have some food, engage with fellow Lynners about just how important it is to exercise our right to vote.”

 LaPierre will be making a “Special Political Announcement” of his own that evening, “After working to help get elected dozens of candidates that I have supported and believe in, I am going to throw my hat into the ring next year in the Lynn municipal election.” When pressed as to what office, he will be seeking, he remained coy. “Family and friends will just ave to wait and see, I will say it will be a citywide office and I am looking forward to reaching out to every Lynn resident.” Speculation is that LaPierre will be running for Councilor at Large next year, as State Representative nominee, Brendan Crighton will not be seeking re-election to the councilor at large seat he currently holds.

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