A Standing Ovation for Al Malagrifa

The applause started in the back of the function hall at Angelica’s in Middleton but by the time Al Malagrifa made it to the podium, it was a full-fledged standing ovation.

The 200 guests at the Lynn Vocational Technical Association’s Hall of Fame Banquet showed the former Tech director/principal just how appreciative they were of his service to the school and his efforts in making the Hall of Fame banquet such an important event for Tech alumni everywhere.

Malagrifa certainly had a great time at the banquet, posing for photos with former Directors Bart Conlon and Jim Ridley and taking some good-natured ribbing from some of the speakers and inductees.

Al Malagrifa loved every day he led the school administration and he affirmed his admiration for Tech with a special license plate on his vehicle.

The Tech Hall of Fame Banquet was a first-class affair. From the moment you entered the hall, you felt a real sense of community and nostalgia.

School Committee member Rick Starbard, a past Tech Hall of Fame inductee, was superb in his role as master of ceremonies in place of well-known alumnus Paul Crowley, who was unable to attend the event.

We congratulate Alumni Association president Jim Ward on his induction in to the Hall of Fame and his work in boosting the reach and platform of Tech alumni. James Ward’s proud and emotional speech amplified what a significant moment it was for not only his father but for all the inductees.

For Al Malgrifa, who is 81 years old, the banquet was a delightful trip down memory lane and the evening couldn’t have ended more symbolically than with a special tribute to a man who’s a true Tiger.

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