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LACC Helicopter Golf Ball Drop set for August 10

Someone could win $10K, $5K or $2500 during the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce helicopter Golf Ball Drop fundraiser during the annual golf tournament to be held on Monday August 10th at Gannon Golf Course.  In addition, the LACC guarantees the following top three prizes even if the numbers don’t match; Four Red Sox Tickets, $250 cash prize and $100.

 Sponsored and organized by, three golf ball numbers will be selected by Grand Prize Promotions the Thursday prior to the tournament and mailed to the LACC in a sealed envelope. Each number is assigned to a prize:$10,000, $5,000 and $2,500. If any of the 3 numbers picked match any of the 3 golf balls that are in the designated hole or closest to the pin, that person wins the prize assigned to the number. Bonus Prizes will be sent directly to the winner(s) by Grand Prize Promotions.

 Based on the sale of 300 golf balls, the odds of winning a cash bonus prize is 1 in 300 that any one of the 3 Golf ball numbers picked by Grand Prize Promotions matches any of the 3 balls closest to the pin, depending upon quantity of numbers sold. Odds will change if more Golf Ball Numbers are sold and the number of balls closest to the pin can increase to 10 balls in the finals if 1000 golf ball numbers are sold.

 Purchase 1 golf ball for $20, 3 for $50 or 7 for $100.  To play go to  You will be issued a golf ball number on a receipt emailed to you via   Those who purchase a golf ball are invited to attend the LACC BBQ after the tournament. The BBQ cost is $25 if you plan to eat. If you do not plan to eat then simply have fun watching the helicopter drop.   For more information please call the LACC office at 781-592-2900 or email [email protected]

Kyle Gauthier finishes up his summer in Cape Cod Baseball League

By Joyce Erekson

Kyle Gauthier saw his summer baseball season possibly extended a bit thanks to an invite to play for the Wareham Gatemen of the prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League.

The former Classical High standout and pitcher on the Division 1 University of Hartford baseball team spent his summer playing for the Keene Swamp Bats of the New England College Baseball League. The Swamp Bats played their final game last Saturday and Gauthier was on the Cape by Sunday.

The length of Gauthier’s stay in the Cape Cod League depends on how long the Gatemen stick around in the playoffs. They needed to win their final game of the season last Sunday to make the cut and they did, opening the door for Gauthier to possibly see some time.

Gauthier is entering his senior year at the University of Hartford so this summer is his last one playing in a college league. Last year he played for the North Shore Navigators and this summer for the Swamp Bats.  The latest the Gatemen will be playing is Aug. 11 and that’s if they go all the way in the playoffs.

“I can’t believe how fast the three years went,’ Gauthier said. “This (getting a taste of the Cape Cod Baseball League) is definitely the best way to end three years of playing summer baseball.”

Gauthier said what happens in the Cape Cod League at this point in the summer is that players who go to school in the south have to start heading back to school (college starts earlier down south) while others are  getting shut down as they reach their allotted innings.

“Teams start looking for arms,” Gauthier said.

Although Gauthier was a starting pitcher for Hartford and he started five of 11 games he played for the Swamp Bats, if he sees time for the Gatemen he’ll be coming out of the bullpen. Gauthier posted a 3-1 record with Keene. He pitched 34 innings and had a 3.17 earned run average with 35 strikeouts. At Hartford, he had a 4-7 record with a 3.47 ERA.  He started 14 games.

“I think it’s kind of cool. It’s the last summer I can play collegiate baseball. It’s been fun. This lets me end it on a high note,” Gauthier said.

Gauthier will be reunited briefly with his University of Hartford teammate, David MacKinnon, who has been playing for the Gatemen all season. The 2012 Classical High graduate  said he hopes to get an opportunity to play baseball after college. He’ll graduate with a degree in economics and financing.

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