Clerk Sees Little Activity in Upcoming Election:Reminder Ward 4 Voting at Lynn Museum on Election Day

City Clerk Mary Audley confirmed this week that there has been little early voter activity in advance of the November 3 Election Day in the city.

“It’s been quiet,” said Audley. “Just the regulars, but we haven’t seen a big push or anything like that.”

Despite the fact that there are races across the School Committee and for several seats on the Council, including in the At-Large race where three incumbents will face off with several well-known candidates for the four At-Large seats.

“I expect voting to be up in Ward 7, Wards 1 and 2 vote all the time and there are races in Wards 4 and 5, but still I am guessing that around 5,000 voters would be a good turnout this year,” said Audley.

Given that there are approximately 18,000 registered voters in the city, the Clerk’s prediction amounts to a less than 30-prcent voter turnout. However, with no mayoral race and no state or federal level races, voter disinterest is not surprising.

Historically, low voter turnouts have favored incumbents, both in Lynn and across the state.

However, Audley noted that several of the new candidates are working very hard to get voter attention.

“It is all going to come down to whoever gets their supporters to vote,” said the Clerk.

Absentee ballots are available for voters who will not be able to make it to the polls and over the counter voting at City Hall is open until noon on November 2 (the day before the polls open).

“I also want to remind voters in Ward 4, that voting in Ward 4 will be done at the Lyn Museum, due to the construction at the North Shore Community College campus,” said Audley. “There will be designated parking spots available for voters on Election day on Washington Street for the Lynn Museum voting location and voters can always ask for absentee ballots if toy do not want to deal with that.”

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