Thank You,Rep Fennell for a Job Well Done

This week Bobby Fennell leaves the State House for a job at the water and sewer department in Lynn. Although he will still be involved in the city, he will be sorely missed as a great representative of the people.

It was approximately twenty years ago on a cold winter night that I stopped by the Capitol diner for a warm meal before heading home. At the counter that night were good friends Danny and Karen Mullin engaged in a conversation with Bobby. As I sat down with my friends, Bobby said he needed my opinion on something. Of course, wanting my meal done correctly, I obliged. Bobby informed me he was thinking about running for State Representative. After listening to his reasoning and who else was running for the job, my response was, “why not?” After a full hour of the four of us going back and forth, Bobby said he would be pulling papers on Friday. I said, “Okay. I will be at your house Saturday morning at 8am.” Bobby asked why and I explained, “ if we are going to do this, we will do it the old fashioned way and start knocking on doors asking for signatures.” And that was exactly what we did- four hours on Saturday and four more on Sunday. The platform that Bobby was running on was that he wasn’t a politician, but a business man who cared about Lynn and the people who live there. The good thing about that platform was it was the absolute truth. Myself, growing up on Union St, I had first met Bobby when I would pop in for lunch in between sessions at the Buick pool hall. Bobby, much like his dad, Buddy, treated me and every other customer like family. From the moment we were introduced, as many people will attest to, Bobby showed his true attributes as being a great friend, listener and gentleman. Knowing these qualities, it was fun watching Bobby put a team together to help his campaign get up and running and gain some momentum. Well, it was eight or so months later that Bobby won the nomination, and now it’s been twenty years that Bobby has represented the people with great pride. His voting record displays the core values that Bobby feels, and knows would be in the best interest of the people. Many people across the city could have written this, and many people, I am sure, echo my sentiments, but like those cold four hour mornings asking for signatures, I am proud to still stand side by side with one of the best business men to represent the city. I would to thank Bobby for everything he has done and wish him well in his new position.

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