Save Our Public Schools Issues statement on Council Resolution

The Save Our Public School organization released the following statement in response to the Lynn City Council’s Resolution on Charter Schools Tuesday night:

“We applaud the Lynn City Council for its leadership in opposing this ballot question that will do irreparable damage to the best public schools of any state in the nation.

The district public schools in Lynn are already losing over $11 million to Commonwealth charter schools this year alone, even after state reimbursements. Across the state, charter schools are siphoning $408 million from district public schools. This destructive charter school ballot questions could take $100 million more every single year from local district schools.

This loss of funds is having a negative impact on the ability of school districts to provide students with all the educational, social and emotional services and supports they need to thrive and succeed. If the cap is lifted, the undemocratic system of approving and overseeing publicly funded but privately operated schools would severely undermine local control over public education across the state.”

Save Our Public Schools is a grassroots organization of Massachusetts families, parents, educators and students. We are committed to ensuring equal educational opportunity for every child; less testing and more learning; stopping the state from opening additional charter schools that will drain millions more from public education; increasing funding to provide high-quality public schools for all children; and protecting local control over schools. We are united in opposition to the proposed ballot initiative to lift the charter school cap in Massachusetts. Our public schools cannot afford to lose vital funding while we are seeing programs cut and activities reduced. Sign up for updates at

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