Navigators Notes:Breaking Records,Winning Games

By Shanna McCarriston

This year has been one of breaking and tying records for the Navigators from the fans in the stands, to the players on the field.

Opening night for the Navigators broke the all time attendance record at Fraser Field, which was then broken again later in the season on Kid’s Day.  On the field the players, whether noticing it or not, have also had record-breaking performances.

The first Navigators no hitter, a combined no hitter by Speros Verenos and Quinn DiPasquale, came this year.  Verenos and DiPasquale impressed fans with their incredible performance and helped get the team the win that night.  Those two are not the only pitchers to have standout performances this season.  Pitcher Cole O’Connor broke the franchise record with 10 wins adding to the long list of players tying and breaking record for the Navigators this summer.

Last week I spoke to Joey Pena who broke the record for most walks in a season about how this team is preparing for a possible playoff run.  “I think everybody is just trying top keep their energy up and have fun.” Pena said.

One player who has shown that he has kept his energy up all season is Colby Maiola, who tied the franchise record with seven home runs this year.  I spoke to Colby Maiola after the July 5th win where he hit his fourth homerun of the season. “I just hope that I can keep putting good swings on the ball, I don’t really try to hit homeruns because as soon as you try to do that you try to do too much. So right now I’m just trying to keep putting good swings on the ball and if they go out they go out.”

Maiola and company still have a few more regular season games to continue to break records, and with the team at over .500 for the first time all season, it is looking like a playoff run is within reach.

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