Chocolate Flower Power:Lynn Area Chamber Creates Partnerships

CB Stuffer owner, Erin Calvo-Bacci and Welch Florist Sales & Marketing Manager Jim Reece were introduced at an LACC holiday Women in Networking event and the cross-promotion soon followed.

CB Stuffer owner, Erin Calvo-Bacci, and Welch Florist Sales & Marketing Manager Jim Reece.

CB Stuffer owner, Erin Calvo-Bacci, and Welch Florist Sales & Marketing Manager Jim Reece.

“We’ve always carried chocolate for baskets or as an accessory at Welch Florist, but found that the it didn’t have a long shelf life,” says Reece. “CB Stuffer had exactly the right product – a boutique and individualistic chocolate that makes a sinful presentation and sells well, separately.”

Reece adds that CB Stuffer’s peanut butter cups are an easy sell and their constantly reordering.

“The LACC gives members the opportunity to build strategic partnerships. That’s what I’m looking for,” says Calvo-Bacci. “There’s no question that owners Dave and Keith, and Jim did their homework,” says Calvo-Bacci. “I know our product does well in baskets and I’m proud their presentation makes our chocolate even better.”

In return Calvo-Bacci promotes Welch florist on her social media pages and uses Welch florist whenever possible.

Calvo-Bacci adds, “I know Welch Florist flowers are well cared for and last longer.  Their flowers are all hand-picked by the owners and make exquisite gifts. They also understand that our CB Stuffer products are an extension of us and they treat them with the same care as their flowers. I’m humbled to have my products promoted and sold through them.”

In this high-tech, global economy both Reece and Calvo-Bacci say supporting local businesses owners is the foundation for sustainability.

Both agree that this strategic partnership is a win-win and a proven reason to utilize the LACC membership whenever possible.

CB Stuffer offers a wide selection of handmade chocolate products, like their famous peanut butter cups, bars drizzled with rivers of flavors, whole pizza and mini-pizza slices, wings and hot seasonal items!  Check out the chocolate high heel shoe “stuffed” with chocolate treats and so much more!

Welch florist is we are committed to offering only the finest floral & gift arrangements. Award winning Floral Designers will create  beautiful fresh floral and custom silk arrangements  for every occasion, along with our friendly & courteous staff that’s been in business since 1947.

To contact Erin Calvo-Bacci go to, [email protected] or call 781-595-1511To contact Jim Reece at Welch Florist go to, [email protected], or call 781-595-8222

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