Magrane Seeks Election to Ward 2 Seat on Council

By Cary Shuman

Christopher Magrane, a lifelong Lynn resident and a homeowner, has announced his candidacy for the Ward 2 seat on the Lynn City Council.

Christopher Magrane.

Ward 2 Councilor William Trahant Jr. is not seeking re-election to the seat.

Magrane said he has enjoyed an enthusiastic response from his neighbors and fellow residents of the ward. He collected more than 200 signatures and has been certified for the September 12 ballot.

“I’m a lifelong Lynner and my grandparents and parents lived in the city their whole life,” said Magrane.

Magrane attended St. Mary’s Elementary School, Tracy Elementary School, Breed Junior High, and graduated from St. Mary’s High School in 1984. He went on to attend Norwich University in Vermont, the oldest private military college in the United States.

“I made a decision to seek a higher education that not only emphasized the rigors of academics but also the regiment of leadership among civilians,” said Magrane, a proud graduate who holds a degree in Communications. “I sought an education from an institution that had an honor system and it developed me with core values of integrity, honor, discipline, and giving to others first and foremost – self-service.

Magrane, 51, said one of the objectives of Norwich is to develop leaders not only in the military but also in the civilian sector. “I intend to tap in to some of those relationships with my fellow alumni and fellow leaders,” he said. “

Magrane, who works as a medical device representative, talked about his decision to run for City Council in an interview this week with the Lynn Journal.

“I decided to run based on my appreciation for our great city, all of its citizens and I’m encouraged by our Ward 2 residents’ pride in their homes, yards, streets, and community,” said Magrane.

He said he has put together a plan of action for the community to advance.

“I have a plan to move Lynn forward,” said Magrane. “I want to bring a new perspective for the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing our residents of Ward 2 and Lynn. I will bring a relentless drive to address the concerns of my constituents.”

Magrane said he has launched an energetic campaign and intends to visit Ward 2 voters in their homes.

“It’s been very exciting and invigorating and I’m very proud to be involved in Lynn’s future. As I’ve walked through the streets and neighborhoods of Ward 2, it’s only reconfirmed my commitment and desire because I’ve witnessed first hand the hard-working, proud citizens of Ward 2. There are a lot of good people in this city.”

Magrane said he has enjoyed the door-to-door visits and will continue on a high-energy schedule through the election.

“I’m very fortunate to be listening, learning, and leading our citizens of Ward 2.”

Magrane said he has a lot of respect for Councilor Trahant’s record and service to the ward. “He’s a homeowner and a business owner and I respect him a lot.”

Magrane’s campaign slogan is, “Time To Do Better”, adding that, “now is the time to be better and reach our potential.”

Priding himself on his accessibility in the ward Magrane welcomes residents to contact him through his campaign Web site or to call him directly on his cell phone at  781-718-4995.

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