Lynn DPW Commissioner Andrew Hall Reappointed by Lynn City Council

By John Lynds

At the July 11 Lynn City Council meeting, the Council voted unanimously to approve Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy’s reappointment of DPW Commissioner Andrew Hall.

“Andy Hall has done an outstanding job in his three years as DPW Commissioner,” said Mayor Kennedy. “He is a consummate professional and skilled administrator. We are fortunate to have him and I am pleased he will continuing in his role leading our public works department.”

At the Council meeting there was no debate over Commissioner Hall’s reappointment. Hall was first appointed DPW Commissioner back in 2014 and has since become a well liked and well respected head of the department.

“We need eight votes to approve, I know it’s going to be a tough one,” Councilor President Darren Cyr joked at the Council Meeting.

In submitting his vote to reappoint Hall At Large City Councilor Brian LaPierre gave an ‘enthusiastic’ yes vote.

“(Commissioner Hall) came in during the biggest winter of all time and he did a great job during that time straightening out the DPW with the snow plowing,” said Ward Councilor William Trahant. “He does a bang up job and I just wanted to add that (to the record).”

Cyr said Hall is a very ‘hands on” DPW Commissioner that likes to drive the equipment and has been very visible since being appointed three years ago.

“He’s a great guy and does a great job,” he said.

At Large Councilor Dan Cahill added that during the winter of 2014 to see the head of a department show up on the streets and take the ‘bull by the horns’ showed him how great he is at the job.

“I just want to echo my colleague’s sentiments on Mr. Hall and thank Mr. Hall on his responsiveness and the way he runs the DPW,” said LaPierre. “He gets a lot of production with limited resources. I just want to thank him and his leadership staff and the workers on the ground. He does an admirable job. I’ve heard from a lot of people that the numerous requests he gets are always dealt with. He was been really attentive and goes to bat (for the people of Lynn) and does the best possible job he can with limited resources.”

A humble Commissioner Hall thanked the council for their kind words and said, “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to serve the residents of Lynn”.

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