‘Laughs for Lisa’ Comedy Show\Benefit Set for Sept 7

Let’s rally around (former Saugus resident) Lisa Basler, who needs our support through her journey with Stage IV Angiosarcoma Cancer and unexpected medical expenses. On January 14, 2011 Lisa was diagnosed with Stage IV Angiosarcoma of the scalp, which has spread to the abdomen, the lungs, intestines and brain. She has endured many painful rounds of chemotherapy and has underwent many surgeries which have included a complete hysterectomy, a double mastectomy, numerous spinal taps, bone marrow aspirations and removal of her right kidney. Lisa’s cancer is unusual and unexpected, a very rare and aggressive form that many doctors have not seen. However, unfortunately, this cancer can find just about anyone and change the course of their life. Over the past 4 1/2 years, when Lisa’s cancer first metastasized; thanks to her wonderful friends and family (Saugus residents), she was able to raise enough money for medical bills. Now, Lisa needs your help again. Since January this year, Lisa’s cancer markers have been rising, and recent scans show widespread metastatic disease in the brain, right lung, and intestines. Lisa is suiting up for battle once again, changing her protocol (with her oncologist and naturopathic doctors’ help), and have already begun new, more aggressive treatments. The estimated cost for the rest of the year (that is not covered by Lisa’s Insurance) is $50,000 plus. While chemotherapy has been undeniably tough, she has the same positive attitude, strength, and determination to beat this disease, a feat equally as inspiring. Lisa asked Cody, her oldest nephew, what he wants for his birthday, and he said that he wants her ALIVE more than anything. Won’t you please help Lisa give her nephew Cody the best birthday present ever? Please feel free to share this fundraiser widely with others who know Lisa, know you, or would support this cause. God has recently given The Basler family a little too much to deal with on their own. And anyone who knows Lisa and her family already know that if the roles were reversed, they would be the first ones to lend a helping hand. Would you consider supporting our comedy nite to better Lisa’s chances of survival??

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