Pickering School to Receive New Woodworking Lab

By Jay Lancaster

The School Committee recently went over plans for a new woodworking shop to be constructed at Pickering Middle School. The proposed woodshop will have two separate parts and is being funded by the Boston Celtics. Committee member John Ford explained it this way.

“The Boston Celtics recently partnered with Southern New Hampshire University and they’re going to provide per season, they’re going to renovate two technology labs, and Pickering Middle School was chosen for one of them.”

He went on to talk about how excited he was to finally bring the school’s technology lab up to date.

“We settled on the woodworking shop which is going to be split in two, and there will basically be 30 students per half and that’s going to all be completely renovated and brought to the 20th century technology-wise, all at the expense of the Boston Celtics. I think it’s a great thing and a great opportunity, particularly for Pickering Middle School to upgrade its technology.”

Committee member Dr. Catharine Latham explained why the shop will be split in half and expounded on the opportunities the new woodworking shop will provide students with.

“We’re going to split this Woodshop in half so that the technology with CAD software on it is going to be on one side and then the students after they’ve designed things can go to the other side and we are going to upgrade the woodshop there so we’re hoping that much of the equipment will be scrapped its not usable anymore without appropriate safeties and so we’ll hope to get that into shape and it’ll be a real nice addition to Pickering and an opportunity for the students there and it leads into vocational and really lifelong learning for students gets them familiar with tools and things like that.”

The new Pickering lab is set to be unveiled on November 8.

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