Kick It Up Consulting Joins LACC

Carla Scheri brings a diverse and eclectic wealth of experience to her latest personal passion, “Kick It Up Consulting,” her own start-up business where she helps create and executes your business projects and events to completion.

Sheri’s decades of experience in the entertainment business has brought her to this moment to help other businesses who struggle due to lack of time and manpower.

“I worked in Hollywood, Atlanta and Boston on movies, commercials, music videos and live rock tours,” says Scheri.  “For the last several years, I have focused on arts and culture projects ranging from live events to public art installations.   I help businesses get stuff done. I take all of the moving parts, people and details, get it all going in one direction and successfully get the project or event across that finish line.”

Scheri is a native of Lynn and a graduate of Emerson College.

Consulting was always her goal and Sheri adds that what separates her from other consultants is her vast array of experience.

Scheri joined the LACC because of the free or low-cost marketing and PR the organization provides its members.  “Just like my clients, I need support too and as a small business owner, the LACC is where the business community goes to network and promote their business. They’re my marketing arm,” she said.

For more information about “Kick It Up Consulting” , call  Scheri at 617.455.5980, email her at [email protected] or go

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