Veterans Parade Fundraiser Set for March 9

The Lynn Veterans Appreciation Committee is holding a fundraiser to raise money for the forthcoming North Shore Veterans Appreciation Parade in September. The fundraiser will be held Friday, March 9, at 7 p.m. at Kowloon Restaurant on Route 1 in Saugus.

Veterans Appreciation Day Parade Committee Chairman and Vietnam veteran John Sacherski recently appeared on local public access program Lynn Lineup to talk about the parade and speak about the purpose of the fundraiser.

“These parades cost anywhere between sixty and seventy-thousand dollars because of what the bands cost, because of what the police department costs and on and on and on. I want everybody to realize that there are a lot of police officers that would love to donate their time but they can’t because of the rules and regulations and the laws that they’re under. They’re just doing their jobs.”

Lynn Department of Veterans’ Services Mike Sweeney spoke about how the parade is meant to honor all generations of veterans and  how he hopes the event  can help make up for the way soldiers returning home from war were treated in the past.

“You have so many people who volunteer to come out and do this because they want to honor veterans. I’m an Afghanistan veteran, and John’s a Vietnam veteran, and I think I always want to make it clear that a lot of our Vietnam veterans weren’t always welcomed home appropriately and I think this is an opportunity to do that. Not only to welcome home the guys who are coming home now. The fundraising is hard, all this stuff is hard, but the ability to bring the city together on something this positive is something we’re very proud of.”

This years’ parade will be the first North Shore Veterans Appreciation Parade since 2013.

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