Lynn City Council Takes Up Two Issues, Confirms the Appointment of Three Residents

The Lynn City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to deny Mark Jirtian a permit for his company, New England Parking and Storage Inc.

Jiritian was before the Council so he could get a special permit for the site at 1069R Western Ave. to allow for a contractor storage yard on the premises.

Jiritian’s attorney, Peter Calabrisi, asked the Council to delay the vote until July 10. Calabrisi explained that his client was in the process of evicting the site’s current tenants and beginning an environmental cleanup of the site.

Calabrisi said when his client took over ownership of the site he was unaware that there were subleases to several persons unknown to Jiritian.

“The site is currently occupied by tenants unknown to my client,” said Calabrisi. “He is currently seeking to remove them. We should have the site vacant by July of persons and property and begin the necessary environmental plans for stormwater drainage.”

Calabrisi said his client, working in good faith, wanted to be able to have the entire site cleared out and prepped before filing for the special permit.

However, Ward 6 and Ward 7 Councilors Peter Capano and John Walsh were having none of it.

Capano made a motion to deny pushing back the hearing until July 10, as well as the permit.

“The problem on this property goes back over a year,” said Capano. “Trucks go in and out all hours of the night, we had an incident right before major snow storm where a truck crashed into the bridge and trashed was all over street. It was a hit and run and the truck was later found at this site. It’s gone on for quite some time. The Conservation Law Foundation has a suite against them. We represent a lot of businesses mixed with residential areas and we do what we can to make it work but this is total abuse of that property.”

Walsh said there’s been an ongoing issue with stormwater runoff and the person currently managing the site has allowed the cutting up of trucks at 4 a.m.

“We have removed all licenses on the property but I just don’t have the confidence that this will not continue,” he said.


Other matters

The Council also approved Lynn resident Christopher Gaeta’s appointment as the City of Lynn’s Director of Assessing by the city’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Caron.

“I just want to thank you all for your support,” said Gaeta at the Council meeting. “I look forward to working with you over the years. I also want to thank my family and there are lot of exciting things to happening for the future.”

The Council also approved Mayor Thomas McGee’s appointments of Patricia Capano and Douglas Gillette to serve on Lynn’s Disabilities Commission.

The Council also voted unanimously to allow a special sign permit for Union Variety at 88 Union St. Attorney Sam Vitale said his client was seeking the special sign permit because the awning he proposed goes against the city’s sign ordinance.

“The Council approved this developed as a mixed use development with retail on the first floor,” said Vitale. “The store should be opening in the next couple of months but we need a permit due to the size of the sign and awning.”

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